Every once in a while, though these days it is more often than ‘once in a while’ - it feels more like on a monthly basis, we look at ourselves and question all the things we are doing.

Usually for me, this involves bringing up the whole thing of education, or what others tend to refer to as school(ing).  At one point recently our 6 year old was really keen to go to school, he then changed his mind.  At other points, us the parents, were keen for our kids to go to school.  We then changed our minds, lol, lol, lol. We dreamed of all the free time we would have and then dreaded at all the schooly things we would have to do.

But, to be honest, we are human.  And bloody hell. 5 kids + a business + unschooling is pretty intense sometimes.  We are ALWAYS questioning ourselves. Wondering if we are doing the right thing. Doubting ourselves. Thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. All. The. Bloody. Time.

People think we have our shit together.  Like we are so confident in all the things we are doing. But no. We are really just following our beliefs, and our hearts in what we feel is right for us, as a family. This does not mean we always feel great or confident in the things we are doing.

And today was one of those days that I just had to say ‘no’. Say ‘no’ to schooling. To slap myself as I browsed expensive private schooling options and remind myself of all the things we are doing and why we are doing them.