In the world that I live in, the one of home education, unschooling and generally being non-traditional and a bit alternative in life, there are many people that are so focused on the child.  Parents are always asking what is the best for their child? What should they being doing to raise a healthy and capable being?

The result is usually the parents becoming inundated with an over load of advice from all the people that always seem to have the right answers of what is best for the child.  But what about everyone and everything else?

There is family to consider, usually this is the parents.

There is the local community and then the wider area, country to consider.

There is the system to consider.

There is the how to live a fruitful life to wrap around it all.

When we jump into the world of home education we believe it in and are excited, yet scared of the concept.  But all too often we jump in unprepared.  We haven’t fully taken into account the effects it will have on the family, how the community fits in, what the system we’ve grown up in will do or has done to us and of course - how can we create and live the apparent more fruitful life we would like to lead.

When all of these aspects are looked at, I believe we can create a better environment for us all.  It’s not all about the child.  It’s about figuring out how to make all the pieces work well together.