A few months ago, if asked, I would’ve felt super confident in answering confidently and positively about our family life and how all is great and under control.  I felt we had achieved a level of stability and understanding.

I don’t think I could say that now.  I don’t mean it in a bad way either. Mostly it’s a bit of a mental note that life is forever changing and shifting.

With Piper coming along into this world, our eldest two (12 & 14) have shifted into their own and more independent world.  We feel, as parents, we need to let them go (more) and make their own choices (and mistakes).  Because, yeah, you know, teens know everything. It’s tough and it’s like we’ve been thrown in the deep end as parents having to wade our way through teen behaviour, we hope we do things in the best way we can.  We hope our kids turn out ok once this phase is done.

It really feels like we are starting over as a family with 3 little kids.  That our two eldest were our experiments and we get another shot at creating a family.  It feels weird.  Of course it’s not like we’ve abandoned our eldest kids, they are just mostly happy doing their own thing and do not need hand holding as much.

But what we are doing is starting to get into the mindset and a routine of taking our youngest 3 out and about together.  Their older brothers can come along if they want to, but the reality is that they will mostly not.

And that’s ok.

So another phase of life begins!