I took up running properly around 3 years ago.  I’m kinda of surprised, but not really, that I’ve stuck with it for so long.  Part of me feels sad that I left fitness out of my life for so long. And thinking about it, there was a period of about 2-3 years in my youth/early teens that I was really into sport and able to do lots of it - and those were my most positive times of my life.

I always loved PE at school, but mostly I went through a phase of absolutely loving basketball.  I joined a team at school and it was the only extra curricular activity I ever did.  This was when I was in Indonesia.  We moved away and then that all stopped. I can still show my kids some basic basketball tricks tho!

I’ve not gotten back into basketball, but it took me 20 years to get back into fitness stuff.  It’s a shame it took so long. I often used to use my kids and being ‘too busy’ as an excuse to myself to not do anything.  Not anymore!

With my latest pregnancy, I stopped running when I was 4 months pregnant.  I gave up kind of quickly, perhaps I should have tried harder to keep going in a very lightweight way, but I just found it too hard - I found I just couldn’t breathe properly.

But I’m back running now. I’ve done 3  runs in the past week!  All pathetically slow, but they’ve felt great and they have put me in my happy Rosie place. Piper is now 8 weeks. Part of me was saying to wait a while longer before running.  I was running after 6 weeks with Eloise, but with Piper it was my first csection with a lot more recovery involved.  I was scared! But felt I should try. And try I did. And it all felt ok.

I was missing my running and truth be told, my body took a real battering and I feel it will take a long time for it to get back to something I feel happy with, especially my stomach, it feels like a real mess.  Finding the time to run is hard and needs creativity to fit it in.  My husband needs to watch Piper when I go, so I need to work closely with him to make it happen.  This means discussing plans with him the day before. Currently I fit it in when he has errands to run in the car where he can also take Piper along.  It works for now.  We can’t really plan much further ahead than a day at the moment.  Once the holiday season is over there will be more of a routine and I’ll probably get some buggy runs in too.

Life in general  is still pretty much one day at a time. It has been one day at a time at least since Eloise was born.  She’s almost 3!