Sometimes there are things that I want to say, but as my older kids are getting older (12 & 14)  I feel like protecting their privacy a bit more.

I know many people look at us in awe.  How amazing we must be to be doing the things we are doing. Unschooling. Running a business. Working together with my husband on the business and the unschooling.

It all looks hunky dory from the outside.  And it’s not that things are bad, but bloody hell, we should learn to slow down for just a minute or two.  I’m slowly and intentionally trying to address this, haha, this almost sounds funny.

The reality is we have kids in each age range at the moment - new born, toddler, child, pre-teen, teens.  Sometimes it feels like we get slapped in the face by all of them at the same time.  I, of course, say that in humour.  But the reality of trying to accommodate each child in each different age range - it’s bloody hard!

The daily needs are intense. The cooking of food is a constant one. The taking them places and reminding them of all the things is hard.  The doctor appointments. The hair cuts. The classes. As parents we need to think for all 5 of them and then ourselves.  It is hard. Not to mention the trying to motivate teens!  No further comment there.

As a mother myself, recovering from a hard pregnancy then surgery (my first c-section), it has been hard to get back into the flow of things. It is hard when I still don’t get more than 2 hours of undisturbed sleep and when my body still feels like it needs recovery time.

I so want to get back into my running, but I know it is still too early.  Plus realistically, I just can’t quite squeeze it in…yet…plus I don’t want to face the cold at the moment 🙂  I have all the excuses!

And just to be clear, it is not only me (the mother) struggling.  My husband did/does too. He had to do all the driving of the kids for a few weeks. I was in hospital for 10 days, he had to ensure all at home was okay.  Then there was the week after I came home where I could barely do anything.  He was there through out.  And as we share ‘duties’ equally, it’s not like he has disappeared on me now, he just needs to be doing more work than me at the moment and that is all good.

Then after that, it was all about trying to adjust with a new child.  It seemed to take forever.  Piper was 4 weeks old when we started seeing signs of normality and the return of work.  All in it was 6-8 weeks of everything being up in the air.  That feels like so long, especially in the world of work and business.

And all of this on top of trying to ensure that each child is getting all the things they need (or want). It’s not all hunky dory. It’s easy to think that we and some of them would be better off at school…but my heart resists, and rightly so.

We’ll all come out the other end shining, stronger and hopefully more content.  I hope, or at least we can say we tried.