We’re entering our 4th year of not celebrating Christmas.  Our 6 year old has never really experienced the whole celebrating Christmas thing, or he did but he was just too young to remember.

He asked me yesterday if we could do Christmas this year because he doesn’t really know what it feels like.  I love the fact that he talks to me about things like this.  He’s not scared to share his thoughts and ideas with us and we listen to what he is saying and take it ‘seriously’.  I know from experience that when kids (or even people) feel like they are not listened to then it can really cause communication / behaviour problems.

We agreed to do some Christmassy things but not necessarily go crazy and do full on Christmas as that would cause a lot of hassle, cost and disruption to us as parents. Long ago we gave away our Christmas tree and all the decorations, replacing these for one Christmas would be a time consuming and costly task.

What we will be doing is looking to explore Christmassy type things to do.  Checking out local events, getting/making Christmas treats, watching Christmas movies, getting some Christmas crackers, doing some crafty stuff, etc. I may try to visit Santa, but I actually don’t think he’ll want to go through with that as he knows he doesn’t exist and I know that the situation will make him feel awkward.

Our rules. Our decisions. Our choices.  All little enjoyable wins with unschooling.