I posted this photo a few weeks back.

It’s just a glass of fresh juice you may say.

So what if your 13 year old son made that.  It’s easy, am sure my kids could learn to do that easily.  Why are you making a big deal? You may say.

And here is the thing.  The juice was easy to make. Top, tail, peel some carrots. Cut up 3 apples, remove the core.  Cut off the skin of some ginger. Put it all into the juice maker. Out comes the juice.

It’s hardly rocket science.  Anyone could do it.

But I’ll tell you what I feel is different:

  • my boy was happy to make the juice, no pressure required
  • he has practiced it many times
  • he enjoys drinking it too
  • he had the freedom to make it in his own time
  • it has been part of many, many, many conversations about food
  • he knows he is contributing to the family when making it
  • he knows that it helps me when he helps out
  • he knows that I love it when he serves it to me chilled or with a bit of ice 🙂
  • he knows that being increasingly independent and able to do things himself is important
  • I know that sometimes he’s not in the mood to do it, but he still will.  He understands the team effort required to keep our home operating.

The learning here is about so much more than knowing the steps of how to make juice.  The other things he is learning are impossible to track and monitor.  The self worth he has.  The appreciation he receives. The confidence boost in himself. The ability to give back and contribute. The true development of interest in food and his own health.

These intangible things are what matters to us.