A year in review is a perfect excuse to write here.  It has been far too long!

The thing I’m most proud of is that I ran 335 miles in 2016.  My first pair of running shoes have been run to the ground. I feel like I can call myself a runner now.  My five year old also joins me in running sometimes.

Each run helped me keep my shit together.  Very few people will actually realise how important it is to me at the moment.

I lost no weight, but that also means I didn’t gain any.  That’s probably a win too.

My business grew, probably about doubled in revenue. Which is great from so many aspects.  I also found and find it stressful. No pain, no gain definitely seems to be the mantra.  I plan to write about this more, soon.

I got to travel to Philadelphia (twice), Dublin and Scotland.  I don’t think Manchester quite fits in there 🙂 I still just prefer to hang out at home.

As a family, we’ve continued on our quest to minimalism.  We’re getting there despite our big family, we will be minimalistic according to our own criteria.

We’ve continued to be conscious consumers.  We’re currently at about 80% shopping locally, supporting local independent people and businesses.  We’re learning all the time, so always figuring out better ways of doing things.

We continue to unschool. After 18 months we finally got some steady part time childcare for our girl.  Though our five year old is with us full time, in addition to our two eldest, life requires a lot of juggling.  I love being such an active part in my children’s growth.

We’ve continued to not celebrate Christmas or New Years.  We are still very happy with this.

I’ve done more focus on writing.  Partly for my Ministry of Testing work where I have been holding a whip to get stuff written to a better standard. But also doing some writing that I’ve personally wanted to get done.  I actually really enjoy writing and what to do much more of that.  I managed to get a decent amount of blog posts out this year on unschool.me.  Not quite where I want to be, but it’s progress, considering everything else.

I’ve started to find more time to read too.  This makes me feel good too.  It had increasingly depressed me as my book pile grew bigger and bigger.  I have plans to tackle this.

My husband is awesome for being that person who keeps me going and he has done amazing things to turn his and our life around.

I’ve literally taken life one day at a time for the past two years.  I plan to keep doing that.  Onwards!