I love it when…

My almost 2 year old…

  • gives me hugs when she hasn’t seen me for a while
  • potters about the house, exploring and doing stuff
  • bosses her big brothers and her parents about
  • asks me to hold her hand so she can ‘show you’ stuff
  • does all the girly stuff that I’m so not use to
  • communicates pretty clearly through words or actions about what she needs
  • says thank you
  • copies the things I do, quite literally
  • brings books and forces herself on my lap to read
  • gives us the cutest little scrunched up face that a little girl could ever give

My 5 year old…

  • asks big amazing questions, like: why do we need the sun?
  • talks about numbers how many weeks then calculates 3 x 7 to figure out how long it is until 3 weeks is over
  • goes to practicing adding numbers together
  • recognises his own achievements and bravery
  • appears so quiet and shy, yet I can see the thinking going inside his head

My 11 year old…

  • is so connected with my feelings and needs
  • is a trier, and is yet to find true interests (apart from Minecraft!).
  • just gets on with stuff, never argues like his older brother 🙂
  • great to see him enjoy himself in gaming and with his friends
  • has such a giving heart (he gets that from me!)
  • is very giving with his time to his younger brother and sister
  • will give so many things a shot
  • does a good job at keeping fit with swimming and dips into running too.

My 13 year old…

  • shows such dedication to his work
  • applies himself immensely to learning
  • listens to his momma/me when I’m teaching him stuff
  • has such a sense of humour
  • knows what he wants and is really directing his energy
  • keeps fit with JiuJitsu and swimming
  • helps out in the house even when he doesn’t want to
  • makes awesome brownies 🙂

My husband…

  • understands me for who I am and all the things I’m doing
  • steps up when I want to step down
  • fits all the things he needs to do around all the things I need to do and around the kids
  • is keeping super fit and very much encouraging me to be the same
  • helps me, my family and our business grow
  • get to spend so much time together, forever swapping our roles in a generally positive way!