I hope my children will grow into adults we are proud of.

I hope they will develop and share good values to live by.

I trust they will show compassion and respect to others around them.

I hope we will teach them well and they develop a long term trust within us.

I hope they will know that we want them to be the people they want to be.

I hope they know that society doesn’t know what is best for them.  Only they do.

I hope they know that as long as we are around, we will be there for them.

I hope we have taught them to look after their own family and equally as important, themselves.

I hope they know health comes before wealth.

And surely they must know, that material wealth is largely insignificant.

That family, friendships, trust and love is what keeps people together.

That solitude is ok too.

That their own self confidence will help them become good human beings.

That they should seek within themselves for answers, rather than seek answers from others.

That respect for others is paramount.

That we can learn from everything around us.

That we are all responsible for our actions, good or bad. Right or wrong.

That they have one life and they should live it well.

I write this with sadness after watching Audrie & Daisy (on Netflix). The culture shocks and hurts me.  Perhaps I’m more sensitive now that I have a girl.  Or perhaps it makes me think more of my boys.  But whatever it is, my children will never grow up thinking that kind of behaviour is ok.