Time and time again, it seems obvious, but it’s always something that catches me out in one way or another - leading by example is often the best way to get people to do things, including your kids.

Want your kids to wake up early? Try doing it yourself.

Want your kids to be more creative? Get making yourself.

Want kids to exercise and be more active? Do that yourself.

Want kids to eat healthy food? Don’t eat crap! (Even when they aren’t looking).

Kind of sounds easy when it is put like that.  But it really can transform your life.  And kids are great at imitating, so give them something awesome and great to imitate!

As the adults in a family we’ve been putting a real focus on health, fitness and creativity.  And it is paying off!  They do copy our good habits and we’re trying not to have any bad habits for them to copy!

Lead by example. Try it! It’s good fun, most of the time!