As each year passes, the school time tables become less significant.

This summer has been good to us.  We’ve mostly been relaxed. Not committing ourselves to many things.  Just hanging out. Enjoying the nice weather we’ve had here.

We spent a lot of time in the garden.  The simple pleasures of life.  I keep getting comments about the lovely tan I have.  Everyone seems to laugh when I say it’s from spending time in the garden.

With all the Back To School Photos going on, I really wanted to post my own #notbacktoschool photo.  Today I found the opportunity, in a park that only the week before was massively over crowded with (school) kids, I managed to get all the kids crammed into a playhouse after a home ed football session.  It was a moment of laughter and excitement between all of them.  I took about 20 shots and this was the only one that came out with all of them looking good.  This photo fills my heart with all sorts of goodness!

Our #notbacktoschool photo #unschool

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