So…my son has a YouTube Channel, (I’m sure he’d appreciate it fi you subscribed!) It is gaming (mostly Call of Duty) related.  He has been working on it for around a year.

We’ve mostly supported him along the way.  We’ve helped him buy the stuff he needs.  He has kept at things, building up his skills for around a year now.  He is currently 12 years old.

Mostly we let him get on with it and occasionally check out his videos.  He has improved so much over the past year.  And we often discuss ideas of how he can improve his video and his marketing.

I’m so proud of how much effort he has been putting in.  I know he had been trying to create better thumbnail images, but according to my standards they could have been improved.

So, I spent precisely one hour with him, just a couple of days ago.  It was at 1opm…it seemed to be the only quiet time we could find.  Sitting down together. Talking about one of his latest thumbnails and how it could be improved. I gave him guidelines and ideas of how to improve them.

And he took all my ideas on board. I’m so proud of the result.  And it’s not just because of the result.  It’s because of the time we spent together. It’s because that he listened to me.  It’s because he went away and spent time perfecting his thumbnail.  It’s because he came back to me for advice…asking me ‘hey Mum, what do you think of this?’.  I would then give him feedback and he would (mostly) implement it.

The great thing is that he listens to me, but he’s also not scared to tell me if he doesn’t like or feel comfortable about implementing certain ideas.

This is what unschooling is about.  The freedom. The trust. The ability to teach other things with open ears and minds.

Below is a screenshot of the result of his work. The red arrow is he new improved thumbnail. I would hope you agree it is a massive improvement for an hour of my time.