This is kind of following on from my previous post about what the heck is unschooling as I try to explain what unschooling is.  Or at least, what it means to us. (If I explain what it means to us then no one can say I’m wrong!)

One way that I’ve started explaining unschooling recently is to say:

Unschoolers live as if school doesn’t exist.

It is not one I can lay claim to.  I’ve seen it used a lot over the years.

However, I feel it is quite a powerful statement within itself.  Often mind boggling for some people. I believe explaining it this way it means that people actually stop and think about it.  At least for a few moments they will stop comparing school and education.  And they will start thinking about how it could be possible for people to learn and grow without school.

How could they not ask themselves - ‘how would people learn if school didn’t exist?’

And how could they not come up with ideas by asking themselves that?

And the beauty of it all is that once people start thinking about it then they are much more likely to start searching for answers.  As unschoolers we are always searching for answers on how best to do things.  It’s amazing in this modern world as to how much we have to at our finger tips.

How would you learn if there was no school?

How would you choose to spend your time?

What values would you live by?