On the blog: Home education isn't a crazy experiment. The school system is.

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I often get the comments or questions relating to how home education is risky and parents are often crazy for taking the risk of removing them from the school system.

When I first started out I would often doubt myself.  However, 3 years in, we are so confident that we are doing the right thing for us and our children.  They are growing and blossoming in wonderful ways. It doesn’t make them angels or super smart.  They are just mostly in a good place.

For me, we are not experimenting. School hasn’t been around that long. It’s only the past 100-200 years that real schooling has been around.  Before that people were educated without school.

And if you think about how and why schooling started - it was not to benefit your child. It was to turn them into worker bees. The school system has never been designed to optimise children’s learning and well being. Never.

The state of the current education system in the UK scares me.  It is going down the wrong path. And I’m not sure what it is going to take to get it back on track.  I do know that I’m not prepared to let the government experiment on my kids through the school system. No thank you.