My eldest is 12. He loves gaming. He plays games.  He has ambitions to become a big YouTube gamer person.

He figures out most of the things he needs and we help him along the way.  His dad helps him with tech stuff, because he is a bit of an uber geek.  My son is a pretty lucky boy with the gaming set up he has! I’m helping him with the marketing stuff, because that’s what I mostly do.

My son is incredibly focused (as frustrating as it can be at times!) and knows what he wants, so I respect that.  We’ve talked many a time about how YouTube, tech, marketing and people work.  He’s soaking it in. And taking it at his own pace.

For a few dedicated weeks (towards the end of last year) he committed to getting himself some new subscribers.  He then felt he needed to focus on creating his videos, so that’s what he has been doing.

The interesting thing (which he is totally aware of, and fine with) is that he stopped his ‘marketing’ efforts and his subscribers have stopped going up.  He’s hovering around 130 subscribers at the moment.

Now he is ready to start his next effort on marketing.  I’ve just had a ‘marketing strategy’ meeting with him and we’ve identified 5 things for him to do on a regular basis to re-kickstart his ‘growth’.

I’m excited to keep whipping his butt and seeing the results of his efforts!

From an unschooling perspective, it’s really interesting!  Especially if you compare it to the traditional schooling environment.  He is learning how to make and edit videos. He is learning about story telling. He is learning about speaking (to a camera, but really to the world). He is learning graphic design skills. He is learning how to make money, and start a business. he is learning how to do marketing.

It’s kind of awesome how empowered he is.

And I have to admit, I am really jealous. I wish I was doing what he is doing now.  It would have been even more awesome if I was doing it at 12 years old.

You can see his YouTube channel here.