I saw this video about a ‘Buddy Bench’ at a school - it is basically a bench where kids sit on if they have no one to play with, then other kids will come along and invite them to join their games.

I kinda really love this idea.  Especially as I know that one of my sons struggled with playtime when he was at school.

Yeah, I don’t believe in the school system, but things like the Buddy Bench makes me realise and ponder upon some things.

Design Improvement For Schools

Small and intentional design and community improvements could really improve a schools outcome/success/happiness-ratio/[insert keyword here].

How can schools create these kind of things to make them a nicer and more supportive place to be around?

If schools were design from scratch, in the modern day and with the end users in mind - then how would we go about it? What would we keep? Or ditch? Or invent?

Design Improvement For Unschoolers

Of course, I’m not that into schools.  So this makes me wonder, how can we improve things for the unschoolers of the world?

As an example, I’ve been holding an open house for unschoolers at my house.  The intention was to create a nicely and friendly meetup where parents and children felt welcome and safe to come.

It’s still early days, but so far it’s been a really positive experience.  I’ve met many new parents and kids and have actually managed to have a conversation with the adults.

It might not seem like a big deal, but so often meetups are not well planned.  People feel awkward. If it is in an open space, then they don’t know who the other unschoolers are.  Or even if they do know, starting conversations is often a non-starter.

I’ve been to many home education type events where I barely get the chance to share more than a few sentences with anyone.

No Solution Here

I’m not trying to come up with solutions here, or at least not right now!  I’m writing this now as a point for myself to remember, but hopefully others in all sorts of education and community environments can think of and identify opportunities to really bring people together better - in a more human and naturally social way.