The video below struck a chord with me.

We live in a world of media and the government trying to tell us what our world. What we should do. How we should behave. What is right or wrong.

If we don’t do as expected we are often hunted. Looked down upon or in disbelief. Consider mad, hippies or crazies.

When I look at it from an unschooling perspective, what I feel is that we are seeking our own truth. Our own world of what is right (for us). And not accepting the status quo of the media and the government.

We may not have all the data to back this up, though we consistently seek and try our best to validate it for our own sake. However, what we do have is our instinct and gut that the education system today is broke. And the risk of bringing our kids up in those environments is far greater than keeping them out and ‘educating them elsewhere’.