I’m a quiet kinda woman.
I love doing stuff that helps others thrive.  I hide away doing important bits of work that then allow me to observe the joy and successes of others.  I thrive on seeing others benefit from my work.

I am introverted in the real world.  Yet online I feel like I am an extrovert.  It’s kind of strange and it is something I think about a lot.

I build communities. I write. I organise events. I share. I post photos (including plenty of selfies!). The social web for me has been amazing.  I love the world I have created online. The trails I have left behind. It brings me joy to look back on my work.

I feel confident online.  Super confident.  I believe the confidence has come with time, it hasn’t always been there.  And now I almost call myself an extrovert in the digital world. It energises me. I get a buzz from digitally creation. I chat online, often, with multiple people. My phone, Slack, email, Twitter is constantly buzzing.  All of this gives me energy to keep going.

However, in real life. Even in my own events, I love taking a back seat.  You’ll find me behind a camera. Or walking about ensuring everything and everyone is ok.  Being out and about, travelling and networking tires me out. I struggle with group discussions, but love one to one conversations.

This year I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone by doing public speaking.  I have put it off so long and have said ‘no’ to requests many times.  However, I do wonder whether the new experiences that come will help me evolve towards a more extroverted person as my confidence grows.

I don’t think there are clear cut lines. I think part of it is confidence.  Another part is commitment and passion to a cause (which I seem to have found).  And perhaps another part is a natural talent towards certain things.

Another question is - does it really matter if we are introverts or extroverts?  Should we just focus on what we enjoy doing and forget how we actually go about it.