Unschooling, free range learning, child led learning.  Whatever you may call it.  Well, it’s really not rocket science.  Yet, all too often, it seems to baffle people.

The bestest thing ever about unschooling is that we keep things simple.  Do what feels right.  Follow our feelings, interests and where the fun is. Of course there is research and theory about this and we believe in it (otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it).  Some people don’t seem to understand this.

One example of a massive benefit of unschooling is what I call being ‘acutely aware’ of my family needs.

For example, I know:

  • when they are struggling
  • when something sparks them with interest
  • what they are good at
  • when they are bored
  • what they need to become better at
  • exactly where they are and how to decide what to do next
  • when they are feeling good, or not
  • when they succeed or fail
  • what will make them feel better or worse

Then based on examples like the above, we can make decisions (together) about what to do next.

You see, it’s not rocket science.  It kind of feels like common sense with a very human touch.  Very few people will get to know the people in my family the way I do.  And as unschoolers we are able to take the time to really tune in, focus and determine what each of our children really needs.

It’s really not something that can be replicated (easily) in schools.  They don’t really have the resources and time it takes to make real human connections and trust.  How can a teacher with 30 kids in a classroom be acutely aware of each child’s needs?