Most text books say businesses exist to make profit.  I disagree and feel this is an excuse to be selfish.  People separate themselves as humans when they hide behind a business entity.  They feel it is ok to do certain things because they stay within business and tax laws.

As my ideas around business mature, I find nothing worse than focusing on profit.  There is so much more to it.  And for me it is really about people and investing in them all the people around me.  Because we can.  And probably because we can within the laws too.

We can use laws to be selfish.

Or we can use laws to do things that change people’s lives.

So my business right now exists to enable me in:

  • giving back to my (software testing) community
  • investing in the people (and their dreams) that I work closely with
  • investing in causes that I believe in.  This could be charity. Exploring side projects.  Investing into others.
  • living a fruitful life

I am motivated to make a profit so I can do awesome things.  Not so I can be the 1%.

A moving company offers services for free to victims of domestic abuse is a great example of a company doing the right thing, because they can.

And Inequality for All is a documentary worth watching.

Politics is not my avenue for fighting change.  I will do things my way and share my stories to encourage others.