rosieisnutsIt’s December.  Things are ramping down for many people and I feel like the only one who will be kicking some butt this December.

It’s been a crazy year for me.  I can only describe it as nuts.  Almost like I haven’t been able to breathe, until now.

Just over year ago I was pregnant with high blood pressure.  I was around 25 weeks (and had only recently gotten over daily morning sickness) with suspected pre-eclampsia - there was talks of babies being viable from 24 weeks.  It’s not the kind of thing anyone wants to hear.  I am grateful I made it all the way without complications, though I think there wasn’t a week that I wasn’t visiting the hospital.

It was pretty tough going.  And totally worth it for the daughter I now have.

During this same time I was still working and trying to launch The Dojo.  Which was soon be followed by TestBash.  My little girl was 5 weeks old when TestBash happened.

It was nuts trying to juggle it all.  Conference. The Dojo. New baby (completely attached to me).  Unschooling my other kids.

People say startups and small companies are often chaotic.  Try throwing in the above for added chaos and stress.  Nothing ever goes according to plan.

We survived.

Then for some strange reason TestBashNY (just a couple weeks before a TinyTestBash) seemed like a great idea.  Seriously, I’m so stupid sometimes! Our inability to get childcare as quickly as we wanted, a daughter that would not settle or detach herself from me and a husband with health challenges made it all incredibly tougher than expected.

Again we survived.  We made stuff happen. We grew as individuals and a company.  We are relieved.  And we most definitely are stronger.

I am only now starting to achieve some kind of normality.  (There is still much to catch up on. I owe many people emails.  I am sorry!)

My main takeaways for this year have been:

  • Doing good work can make you feel like shit, often it is over rated.
  • Actually, as much as I love my work, it can be pretty depressing at times.  Often it’s like being punched in the face when all sorts of things don’t go according to plan.
  • We had been trying to find a healthy life balance, we didn’t quite make it this year, but health issues gave us a huge kick up the butt to get things moving!
  • It was the first time we actually had to prioritise our health needs over anything else, making other things wait was tough.
  • Children are amazing, attached babies are incredibly hard work, but still amazing!
  • I didn’t spend enough quality time with my older boys.  This has to change.
  • Travelling with 4 kids for a month in the U.S.  is nuts and very expensive.  As a family we decided it was too long this time around.  Future trips will be shorter, at least until Eloise is older.
  • My only time to myself this year has been when I went running (and even that was often with my Eloise). I think I may have cracked otherwise.  I definitely need more time to myself.

Onwards! In 2016 I will be facing my fears! 🙂