I have this idea where we will end up. And I definitely know where we don’t want to be.

The thing is there is no clear path. I feel the world changing all the time. I feel myself and my desires constantly changing. Throw in a few kids and a husband and you can imagine the constant change.

It feels to me that the world is built on paths that we are directed to take. The paths are clean, tidy and easy to view. They are paths where our natural instinct is to follow them. They are paths that we do not own. Often made to look shinier than they seem.

The best paths are the ones we carve out ourselves.

They are rough, undefined and forever changing.

They are judged and questioned constantly. Outsiders will often sceptically laugh and mock them.

We are constantly experimenting, succeeding and failing. We are not failures though!

And it’s tough. We do things differently that are often not easy. We are constantly questioning and dealing with our biases and demons.

We are consciously and constantly changing. And change is bloody hard.

But as unschoolers we understand that it’s a journey. We find joy and learning through our paths, not someone else’s.

Whilst it seems really tough at times, we truly appreciate and have gratitude for the life we are living. The idea and fear of following a path that is not ours is what keeps pushing and driving us forward.  They may not be shiny or of gold, but they are ours!