My family, the Instagram version. The original had me in at the bottom, but it won't fit with Instagram.

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This is my family.

That's my husband at the back.

I use to help him with his business.  Now he helps me with mine (and also works on his own projects).

He use to get the priority to work.  Now I do.

Our priorities change as our lives change.  We think that's ok.

We try to aim for a 50/50 responsibility with home and family responsibilities.  Though it's currently not quite balanced that way.  He's taking on more family stuff these days.  It should swing back into balance next month, I say, wishfully.

When he worked full time and ran a business no one ever asked him how he did it.   No one was ever really curious how he managed to juggle a busy work life and a growing family.

However, I've been asked this question constantly:  How do I do what I do with x amount of kids?

I don't get offended when people ask me, but honestly this is a big issue to talk about.  Sexism. Gender bias.  Societal norms.  Whatever you want to call it.

I don't want to go into details of it (right now at least), but I did want to explain how I 'do it'.

I do it with the support of my husband.  Just like  my husband 'did it' with the support of his wife.