Lots of people ask how I do things,  So I thought I’d write about a random day of mine from last week.  This is how Rosie survives runs things.

It’s 7am and it’s bit of a hard start to the day.  I’ve punished myself by working until the early hours (1am) whilst Eloise (1o weeks old) was sleeping.  These moments of free time to myself are rare these days and I often (stupidly) take advantage of the time to do some work.  Eloise normally doesn’t sleep unless I’m by her side, so it feels like a bit of a luxury.

The truth is I was expecting her to wake and then being able to get her back to sleep quickly.  Unfortunately this didn’t happen and instead I was up till 4 am.  That means I’ve had 3 hours sleep.  There was no chance of a lie in today.  My husband often does the nursery run for my nearly 4 year old.  He is off duty today.  Plus, my 10 year old is spending the day at a friends.  I need to drop him off after the nursery run.  It’s a busy morning for me.

I’m a few minutes late for nursery, I just barely kept things on track to get my son to his friends house.  It’s 10:30am by the time I get back home. I had been making fresh green juices for breakfast every day this week.  I luckily had some left over from yesterday, this is my breakfast starter topped up by a low carb breakfast an hour or so later. Eloise is crying and was crying every time I stopped the car for more than 5 seconds. I know she’s hungry and tired.  So I feed her, keeping one arm free to catch up on email, some skype conversations and editing/reviewing of articles and videos that I’m working on.

Eloise is unsettled after her feed. I know she is tired, but she won’t sleep.  I carry her around whilst having a text skype chat with a colleague.  This works well for me because Eloise can be distracting and it’s impossible to have a voice call with the noise she makes.  I can also easily take breaks within the skype chats, this gives me time to think or deal with Eloise should she need the attention.  The text chat history also ensures I can take action on things later on, when I have the time.

Eloise falls asleep in my arms midway through my chat.  This is how she sleeps best.  In fact, I know she will wake up if I lie her down somewhere.  So I sit down and let her sleep on me.  It works out ok because my laptop is on my lap whilst she is on my chest.  I can work quite well in this position - both my hands are free.  I can normally get 1 - 2 hours worth of work done like this.  When someone walks by (husband or older kids) I ask them for a cuppa 🙂

It’s my run day today.  I started running about 18 months ago, but took a break during most of my pregnancy.  I have a history of suffering from SPD.  It use to be painfully bad.  I couldn’t walk when I was pregnant with number 3. Over 2 years after he was born I still couldn’t walk much more than a few blocks before the pain taking over.

I had never really run before and the little people in my head kept telling me I hated running. However, something inside me told me to run.  So I started running and it has done my hips wonders, plus I love it!  So running is now my thing.  I’ve only just started again and my hips aren’t great (they are quite painful tbh), but I’m pleased I can manage 30 minutes of running, only just.  It’s also the only time I get all to myself.  It’s so, so precious to me.

I push myself to make running part of my schedule 3 times per week.  It has to happen.  And today is a running day.  It also has to happen now, or I won’t be able to fit in.  It’s 12:15.  I have exactly 35 minutes to get ready and do my run so I can be back home for Eloise and my husband can do the nursery run followed by a swim with two of our boys.

I attempt to lay Eloise down without waking her up.  I fail, but have to run, so I run off and leave my husband to look after her.

Running is painfully hard at times.  My RunKeeper app and my selfies motivate me to keep going.  However, my running inspires me and always, I mean always makes me feel better at the end.  It takes away the stress and worries that I often have to deal with at home and work.  I run along the seafront and get to see the most beautiful views.  I feel like a winner after a run.  I call myself The She God and I give myself a hi-five after every run.  I know that, just like my work, I will only achieve results one step at a time.  So I just keep going and trying to get better each time. I have my own goals and refuse to compare my running achievements with anyone else.  Funnily, I don’t compare my work or business with others.  I am what I am.  I do what I can. And I try to keep moving forward, always.

I complete my run and get home in time.  My husband literally hands me Eloise and heads out the door.  She’s been crying most of the time I’ve been out. We’ve cut it fine, no time for a shower for me!

I feed then hangout and walk around with Eloise.  I use this opportunity to get some housework done.  The walking about with her does my muscles some good. I also discovered the plane on our fan settles her and sends her to sleep.  I feel like a winner! I lie down and feed Eloise.  She’s been unsettled recently so takes a couple of attempts to get to sleep.  I manage to send a few work emails, catch up on some skype conversations then manage a couple of hours sleep whilst cuddling my girl.

We didn’t plan dinner too well today.  My husband has been doing a lot of the cooking recently.  I could barely eat, let alone cook when I was pregnant.  Now I struggle because Eloise always wants fed or carried.  I’m doing cooking some of the time, but not as much as I would like.  Feeding a family of 6 is a lot of hard work.  It’s one of our biggest challenges. Our eldest son (11) often helps out and has become a keen chef. We get take outs or go out to eat at least a couple times a week.  Sometimes there is just no time to think about food.

Today it’s pizza for the kids and a takeout for the adults.  Eloise is unsettled again so my husband and I take turns comforting her whilst the other eats.

It’s tidy up time now that it is the evening.  The kids help to clear up any mess and load the dishwasher.  It still needs an adult to properly clean things down, that won’t happen until late in the evening when I can find a spare few minutes.

It’s time for my 4 year old to go to bed.  I lie down with him and Eloise.  We read a story and sing some songs.  He crashes out.  I move Eloise to her room.  She takes a while to settle.  When she does I get an hour or so to clean up the kitchen before she cries for me again.

I settle her again whilst checking and responding to emails and doing my work social media thing.  She falls into a deeper sleep this time.  It gives me the only opportunity I’ve had in the past few days to focus and do essential finance work.  I also manage to do some editing and writing.  Here I’ve managed to squeeze in another 2 -3 hours of work.

It’s 1 am and Eloise wakes up for a feed.  I decide to go to sleep too.  This time I get to sleep until 8am. I am grateful!

The above is a pretty typical day for me these days.  Things are a bit mad with a hard pregnancy and adapting to new baby.  Actually, they’ve been pretty stressful!

This day was based on a day last week.  We don’t feel like we have the work/life balance that we would like to have, but we are always trying to take steps to improve that.   We have no house or childcare help at the moment (apart from the part time nursery that our 4 year old goes to).  We’ve addressed this now, hopefully!  We should be having a mothers helper starting with us next week.

We’re constantly adapting and tweaking our environments in the attempt to achieve the holy grail of work life balance!