I put a lot of thought into how I communicate with my kids these days.  A new baby in the house also brings extra challenges.  I’m often stuck on the couch or bed feeding.  This means I can’t easily get up and speak to the kids if they are in another room.

However, when I know they are on their computers, I now often Skype them.  Normally it’s to request something - normally to fetch me something or turning their voices down!

Today I Skyped one of them “Can you close your door?” (They were being a bit loud and I didn’t want the baby to wake up).

They promptly closed the door with an unintentional bang.  That’s how they close doors.  They don’t try to be loud.  Just kids being kids.

My reaction was to mutter to myself and shake my head in annoyance.  Luckily the baby didn’t wake up.  But it did make me think how best to deal with the situation.

So I tried again later that day.  This time I changed one word “Can you gently close your door?”

And bingo. Quiet as mice, they closed the door.