We all want to create our own path, but will it truly be our own if we accept things the way they are?

There are paths everywhere that others try to define for us.  Just look around, people everywhere trying to tell you what is best. What to eat. What to wear. When to wake up. What to read or watch.  What is acceptable, or not. What to study. When to study. How much you should know, or not. What to do with your life. When you are right, or wrong.

Anyone and everyone will happily give you advice.  But it is only you that has to live with it.  The more you follow what others say, the less you really know who you really are.

How many of your thoughts are really your own?

There is so much pressure these days to follow a path that someone else has defined. So much so, that we often forget that we can define our own and it doesn’t have to look anything that currently exists in this world.

When you define your own life; your own path; discover the things that you enjoy and start discovering how wrong everyone else is about you. That is when you start discovering who you are.

And like a true teenager you begin to care less and less about what the world has to think or say about you.  Because it doesn’t matter.

The sad truth today is that many of us don’t take the time to get to know ourselves. We’ll come up with excuses of why.  And keep trodding along the path that others have created for us. Often expecting to be given the time to find out, at some distant point in our lives.

The reality is it’s a rare thing to be truly given anything.  You need to take stuff when and where you can. (You can apologise later!).