One of the things about unschooling is that we spend alot of time with our kids.  This means we talk alot.

The funny thing is, the way we talk now is like friends. Or even like adult to adult.  With a huge amount of respect for each other.

When that happens we all listen better. We are all in tune with what is important for each of us. We take on board what everyone is saying and use the bits we like best, as individuals or as a family.

As parents we have had different lives.  ’Bad habits’ are harder to break.  It’s easier for the kids to build the right habits *if they want to*. <- that’s the key.

But where we are at now, is that our eldest, when it comes to food, practices what my husband and I preach a whole lot better than we do.

He eats better and has a stronger will to resist than we do.  We can’t make him eat the bad stuff and it has resorted to us fighting over the last carrots. Something I would never have imagined!

Go figure.