I’m trying to get into the habit of logging some of the things we do.  Often this is through photos as I tend to be snapping pictures during the things we do.

We went to a Minecraft Home Ed Weekend away up in Cumbria over the weekend.  We had much fun.  There were sessions for the parents and the kids.  It was really nice being around likeminded people.  I particularly noted the relaxed and flexible approach with the kids - especially when the were immersed in Minecraft whilst talks/instructions were happening.  Often they were asked to nod their heads to ask if they understood something, and the kids did.

I plan to write more about the Minecraft things we are up to in another post, for now here are some snapshots of our weekend away.

We broke down on the M4, almost half way through our journey. Our car died. Got towed home. We luckily managed to get a hire car.

The kids immersed in Minecraft stuff…

There were some non-screen based activities too. A hamabead sword. Plus several talks for kids and parents.

We got outside too. The event was in Morland (Cumbria), a lovely part of the country.