The teachers of today have changed.

Teachers are everywhere in every form.  Teachers are not just those people found in schools, colleges and universities.  I encourage you to look around and find the teachers that exist within our world.

I am a teacher. I teach my boys about life.  How to live according to how we believe is a good way to live.   They learn a lot from me.  I pass on what I know when they are interested.

Their computer are teachers too.  As are the many games they play.

The stranger on YouTube is an amazing teacher too.

Books can teach a thing or two as well.  Not just the words, but the process of reading and discovering too.

My iPad is a teacher to my 2 year old - the current theme are numbers and letters.

A trip to a shop becomes and education.

And we soon discover that a forest, a falling leaf or a trip to the beach can teach us wonderful things too.

All of these things (and many more!) are our teachers.  Once we realise this as a society, then the sooner we can let go of our obsession that only ‘qualified teachers’ can tell us what we need to know.