I realise what I’ve been doing recently is slowly unsubscribing ourselves from *things*.  Really this is unschooling ourselves as a family from everything that we don’t need, but I kind of like the term unsubscribing.  Maybe more people will understand what I mean when I use this term.

As a society we are overwhelmed.  There is so much to deal with and we think it is all important and essential - yet often it is only until we unsubscribe that we realise life is better.

Those that live in the tech space will recognise this with information overload through email, news, marketing, apps, etc whilst forever keeping your skills up to date or face being out of the loop (unemployable) within 12 months (or people like to make you believe).

There is overload at home too. So much to mange. Household. Food. Money. Bills. Schedules for each person of the family.  Places to be. Errands to run. Mouths to feed.

And there’s the world of business too.  I’ve seen it too many times…people building businesses in the wrong way because they are subscribing what others are telling them to do. Push for sales. Go for growth. Take on that office. Employ people. Borrow money. Take investment.  Whatever it is - there is so much pressure to ruin business by subscribing to something for the benefit of someone else.

Then everywhere we go there are people overloading our lives. Get this. Or that.  On the streets. In cabs. Buses. TV. Marketing. Adverts. In your face, constantly.

This is nothing new.

But there are things we subscribe to without thinking (too much) about it either. Schools as an education. A job. Work till you retire. Pensions. Commutes. Government (and therefore societal) standards. Parental and society expectations. A mortgage…

…and a dream that is not really yours.

I can’t help but feel that when we are born we are all automatically subscribed to this stuff.  We get pressured and spammed to follow life through how others (typically society/government) think we should live our life.

We are not given the time and the space to discover who we are and how we can become happy individuals.  We are pushed through this wheel.  We get churned as numbers. Thinking we have to continue through it, but little do most people know that there is an unsubscribe button.

We’ve been unsubscribing. You could too!

Unsubscribe today.!