The more I am homeschooling in an unschooling way, the more I find that it’s really not just about unschooling. It’s about applying the unschooling ehtos to every part of our life.

I do not know what the right word is for this. Hence the use of ‘uneverythinging’.  That sounds so wrong!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to live a different kind of life that what society tends to feed us for quite a few years now. We are getting there one step at a time.  I feel like unschooling has helped us take it to the next level.

From a personal level I’m figuring out things that really make me happy, then doing more of it. If I don’t like something I try to figure out how to be-gone with it. I don’t whinge, I don’t complain. I just try to come up with better solutions.

My kids are understanding that I need to work, just like they need to do their work.  As a family we constantly re-balancing our life so that we all maintain a not so stressful life.

I love to my work and my business is growing.  It’s exciting. Yet at the same time I’m very aware that my kids are around alot of the time.  It’s a constant juggle.  We’ve recently got a live in aupair to help us with this.  It is helping me to find that bit of time I need to focus on my work, spend some one-to-one time with the boys and actually have the occasional night out with my husband!

I’m also very aware that I do love spending time with my boys.  I love being there for them. Hanging out. Doing stuff.  Not much in the world can beat that.  Some may think that means I sacrifice alot, but the reality is I don’t think I do.  Me being out all day and not being there for my boys would be sacrifice!

I find that I’m becoming a better parent and I’m really listening better to what my boys want and need.  When you combine that with supporting them in finding interesting things to do then it turns into something special.

It’s so encouraging to see the real happiness and satisfaction of life that my boys are experiencing.  They don’t always show it, but I can see it.

It’s no bed of ros(i)es.  There are some days where I just want to bang my head against the wall, but overall I feel like we are heading in the right direction.  Our old way of life is increasingly looking like a distant memory!