Aaron loves to read.  I can’t stop him.  I thought I’d look back at what he has been reading since he started unschooling (in February).

These are books that we have checked out of the library.  I believe he has read a good 90% of these.  This does not include the 20-30 books we have bought for him over the year.

It’s quite impressive really.

(Ben doesn’t read nearly as much as this.  He tends to read comics and really needs to be encouraged to read).

  1. The hieroglyphs handbook
  2. The little book of Egyptian hieroglyphs
  3. Sacred signs : hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt
  4. The British Museum book of Egyptian hieroglyphs : coloured hieroglyphs from the British Museum
  5. Decoding Egyptian hieroglyphs
  6. Ancient Egypt : life, myth and art
  7. The rise and fall of ancient Egypt : the history of a civilisation from 3000 BC to Cleopatra
  8. Torpix the twisting serpent
  9. The demigod files
  10. The demigod diaries
  11. Percy Jackson and the Titan’s curse
  12. Garfield classic collection
  13. Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth
  14. The lost hero
  15. Myths and legends
  16. Tintin and the Lake of Sharks : a Tintin film book
  17. The Spiderwick chronicles : the movie storybook
  18. Move on with dividing
  19. 101 ways to get your child to read
  20. They started it! : how to help your kids get along better
  21. Myths and legends
  22. The way the universe works
  23. Maths repair kit
  24. King Ottokar’s sceptre
  25. Adventures of Tintin. Storybook
  26. The adventures of Tintin. The chapter book
  27. Destination Moon
  28. Flight 714
  29. British dragons : an invaluable handbook for the dragon-lover
  30. How to twist a dragon’s tale
  31. How to train your dragon
  32. The field guide
  33. The secret of the unicorn
  34. Land of black gold
  35. Drawing dragons and other cold-blooded creatures
  36. Tintin in Tibet
  37. The Calculus affair
  38. The secret of The Unicorn
  39. Prisoners of the sun
  40. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventures. Volume 2
  41. For Asgard
  42. The Incredible Hulk
  43. Hulk visionaries - Peter David
  44. Spilt decisions : [graphic novel]
  45. Garfield classics
  46. Heroes and heroines
  47. Garfield classics. Vol. 1
  48. The Usborne illustrated dictionary of maths
  49. The Ironwood tree
  50. Homework for grown-ups : everything you learned at school and promptly forgot
  51. William Shakespeare
  52. Change is constant
  53.  How to ride a dragon’s storm
  54. The adventures of Tom Sawyer
  55. Sherlock Holmes and the adventure at the Copper Beeches
  56.  Julius Caesar
  57. As you like it
  58. Grammmar is great!
  59.  Hulk & Fantastic Four digest
  60. Return to King Solomon’s mines
  61. Journey to the centre of the Earth
  62. The Empire strikes back
  63. Star Wars : Dark Times : The path of nowhere
  64. Allies and adversaries
  65. Abominable : [graphic novel]
  66. Boiling point : [graphic novel]
  67. Away from home
  68. A giant problem
  69. The wyrm king
  70. Thor: Tales of Asgard [videorecording]
  71.  Star wars - the clone wars: A galaxy divided [videorecording]
  72.  The bounty hunters
  73. Endgame : [graphic novel]
  74.  Fantastic Four visionaries
  75. Hulk : broken worlds
  76. The inhumans
  77.  The nixie’s song
  78. How to draw Garfield and friends
  79. The wrath of Mulgarath
  80. Garfield classic collection
  81. The seeing stone
  82. Garfield classics collection. Volume 21
  83. Timmy Failure : mistakes were made
  84. Escape 2 Africa : novel
  85. Garfield classic collection
  86. The crab with the golden claws
  87. Darth Maul : Sith apprentice