My youngest (2.5 yrs old) started at a local Montessori Nursery recently.  It’s great to see him becoming more independent.

He now talks to us proudly about doing his ‘work’. He says, ‘I want to go to nursery to do my work’.  It’s very cute to hear, but I think there is an underlining importance here.

His work is what is important to him at the right skill level at that time.  At the moment he is doing alot of painting, cutting, tidying up, pouring, play dough and block building.  He loves doing this and it is easy to see the immense satisfaction that he gets from this.

It is easy to compare that to an adults ‘work’.  Our work is very important to us. We study. We do things that our jobs entail. Our work is what is expected of us as adults.  We want to do a good job. We want to be acknowledged and feel satisfied. We want to have choices about our work.

But what about (school aged) kids.  Their work is important too.  Whatever it is. Building lego. Playing games. Learning to read. Reading. Writing. Football. Trips to the park. A swim.  What is it that kids want to do that give them that immense satisfaction?  And why are we not giving it to them more?