There’s alot of adapting going on at the momemt.

Ben has only recently started homeschooling (July or September if we go by the academic year).  We went on a 5 week trip to California.  We’ve been back 24 days.  The first couple of weeks were hard to get back into things. We had jet lag. Then one by one we’ve all been passing around a virus, it’s still lingering.  We’ve also had Aaron’s 10th birthday.

This is newer for Ben and he is finding his way.  I’m trying to work with him to help him do the things he wants to do.  He’s often struggled to keep himself occupied with interesting things. He likes to be led (by people or easy options, like TV).

I can already see this starting to change.  His confidence is coming back and he has sparks in his eyes when he realises that there are interesting things that he can do.

I can see the change.  They are small, but they feel so significant.