I expected change, but the way things are changing aren’t really what I had envisioned.

My life has changed quite alot in the past year. Not according to plan - things just happened. I love the changes.  Somehow I’ve gone from full time education or child care for my boys to full time homeschooling mother whilst also keeping my business running.  It’s quite challenging.  I was meant to be having more time to work on my business, not less!

However, here are some things I’ve realised and learnt.

I Love Being With My Kids

I don’t think I could always say this -  I love hanging out with my family over anyone else in the world. I want to hang out with them. Do things with them.  Listen, talk and tell stories. I don’t go out to other things so I can spend time and just be around with my family.  I don’t want it any other way. It’s kind of like I’m getting to know them again. They are awesome.

Our Flow Is Not Quite There, But When It Is, It’s Awesome

I have this vision that we will all co-exist as a family. We will understand each others needs. None of us will have a mad rush to get anywhere in the morning. We get up, we hang out, we do interesting things. I do ‘my work’ within this. They understand that I work sometimes so they happily get on with other things (their work).  We help each other out. We eat together. We are aware of our energy levels and we adapt accordingly - ‘lets have a rest’, ‘lets go out and burn our energy!’ or ‘I need a new challenge’…etc.

I see this happening sometimes.  When it does, it’s quite enlightening and inspiring.  We are all busy working away on important things.

I’m Learning Loads!

One of the biggest and inspiring things for me is that I’m learning loads.  I’m diving head on into all this homeschooling stuff. I’m teaching myself to be the best kind of teacher I can be for my kids.

This is not by becoming a ‘teacher’ - for me it is leading by example.  Teaching them the ways of life that I believe in.  That means I don’t send them out for football lessons, they don’t want that.  Instead I play football with them. Or tennis. Or try skating at the park. Because that is what they want to do.

Sometimes it is the other way around. I start doing running and exercises at the park and they join in. I draw at home and they join in. I start a project and they join in. I eat good food and they join in. I blog and they join in.

I sit infront of my computer and they join in, ahem!  The great thing about this one is that it really makes me question my own computer time!

What We Are Doing Is Important

I look at the world. I look at my life. I look at my work/career/business.  When I do this I feel inspired, focused and determined to lead a successful and happy life. (The definition of success and happiness is different for everyone).

Then I look at schools. And I look at the curriculum. And the government. And to be frank - it just doesn’t add up.  It’s depressing.

Sometimes when we are doing school type activity I can’t help but question so many parts of it.  I just don’t get why kids are taught certain things at school.  All I see is waste. And I don’t want my kids to be part of that waste.

For the past 10 years I’ve been focused on doing things I love - my personal learning, as a result, has had a huge spike. Before that I was a lost soul wondering where I fit in the world.  It is really this that makes me believe that unless there is that inner desire to learn something then it is almost pointless to try to teach someone something.

I Cannot Keep On Top Of What My Boys Are Learning

There comes a time when my kids will know more than me.  Not on everything, but they will develop interests that will leave me baffled.  Aaron has done this with Greek Mythology.  I cannot keep up with him, if I tried it would just slow him down (and it wouldn’t make me happy to try to learn about them, it’s just not my thing).

It’s incredibly satisfying to support and guide them on their road to learning about what they want to learn.

The Homeschooling Community Is Great

It’s fragmented. People dip in and out. They do their own thing. They help each other out. They inspire and support each other. They are each individual people doing things in their own way.

It can take a while to really get an idea of what is going on.  Often it’s like there are rabbit holes of micro communities that are just waiting to be found. It’s been a slow process of building my own network of homeschoolers that I link to in one way or another.  Sometimes I want to speed things up, but the reality is I can’t.  We’re either too busy or other families are!

But we do come together and it’s nice to be around mostly non-judgemental down to earth parents who just want the best for their kids.

It’s Not All Happy Times

Things can be hard. Kids can be frustrating to work with. Plans can be thrown out the window. Tears are often shed. We get no quiet time. We are often wondering whether we are doing the right thing. Head banging on walls (that’s my head metaphorically banging in frustration) happens frequently.

Sure we sacrifice alot - most notably our free time and potential to earn more money.  But really, in hindsight having the normal lifestyle actual brings more sacrifices than homeschooling does.  I’ll leave that for another post.