I find that the most thoughtful and educational conversations happen in the car.  Typically on a journey of 10+ minutes.

It might sound strange at first, but in reality I think it makes total sense.  At least for those that don’t have TVs or gadgets in the car.  When driving you have nothing else to do, but look at the scenery and talk.

So often we talk, this week (from what I recall), we spoke about:

  • website design, development and search engine optimisation.  Aaron has decided to revive his blog and the talk started from him asking how to get his blog on Google.
  • gravity - from driving up a steep hill near our house, which led to talk of zero gravity and how it would be cool if we could float just a little bit.
  • fuel - the costs, how long it lasts, the fluctuation of prices, how to fill the car…

Of course, interesting conversations can  happen at anytime.  For us it normally happens in quiet and distraction free places.  Bed time is another good example.

One of the things Aaron didn’t like about school was the constant noise, distraction and a strict timetable that determines when and they can’t do things.  It’s really nice to be able to mix the day up.  So called ‘learning’ doesn’t just need to happen in school hours.