Part of why I love unschooling and working for myself is that we can define the rules.  We recently spent 5 weeks travelling California. It was awesome.

I met some people, some that I’ve been in contact with for years and never met.

After so many years I met @testertested #starwest It's me and @qualityfrog #starwest

It's me an @jbtestpilot #starwest It's me and @sbarber #starwest

It's me and @griff0jones #starwest It's me and @paulholland_TWN #starwest

Nice to meet John Dunham of #Saucelabs today :)

I met Hilary and Stacy who have been volunteering at Software Testing Club.

It's me and @g33klady #starwest It's @stacycbusek and I #starwest

I went to my first American testing conference (StarWEST).

What executives value in testing

I helped get a Meetup in San Francisco started (and met lots of cool people!)

#muchlatergram San Francisco Testing Meetup with Michael Larsen #muchlatergram San Francisco Testing Meetup with Josh Meier

#muchlatergram San Francisco Testing Meetup, Fred @rainforestqa #muchlatergram San Francisco Testing Meetup

I went to a meetup at TwitterHQ! 🙂

I went to TwitterHQ :) I'm such a geek :)

I did work when kids allowed (this was kind of hard, but possible).

Worklidaying in Santa Cruz

My husband went to a Startup conference, some meetups and a few coworking spaces.

[Sorry, no photos] 🙂

We did this whilst doing things like going to DisneyLand, the beach (oh, Malibu and Santa Monica, we miss you!) and hanging out in San Francisco.
Graham and I at Zuma Beach, Malibu :) Walking in a line

California California

Stealing a ve' nice moment Ben's Trike Hire

We cycled across that #goldengate Ben drinks from a toilet #exploratorium

It's The Super Sherrys Aaron played Doodle Jump and hit the jackpot.  He was very pleased!

I’m really grateful that we can do these kind of things. It’s inspiring, eye opening, interesting and educational. And it’s expensive, ouch!

5 weeks on the road becomes hard work with little ones (specifically my 2 year old).  An 11 hour flight is not exactly relaxing either, especially when the little dude won’t site still or sleep! We are all happy to be back in our comfy own home now!

Hopefully we can do more in the future!  Sometimes we just need an excuse! #hint

And to end things of - it was ve’nice 🙂

It's a nice place :)