Society is obsessed with ‘Quick’

We want a quick fix diet.

A quick route to being fit and healthy.

Fast (but good) food.

A well paying job, now. With big rewards in the near future.

That big house, now.

An overnight business success.

What about the process?

Why are we forgetting the value of the process?  It’s the journey that matters, yet we all just want to get to the end as quickly as possible - thinking that the end is successs and the success at the end is what will make us happy.

The process makes me happy, what about you?

The value of slow business

I think about the business I run a lot.  It would be unwise not to.

It’s been a slow journey.  6 years in the making, yet only the past 18 months has seen ‘good’ growth.

The business I run could not happen overnight.  It takes years to build a community and even more years and trials and errors to figure out how to turn it into a profitable business.

For me it’s not all about the profits, it’s also about enjoying what I do and maintaining a healthy work life balance.  It takes time and consistent ongoing effort to figure this stuff out.  Most people don’t stick with it, you’re many steps ahead if you can.  And even more steps ahead if you accept that you are willing to change at any point.

It’s slow business, but the best bit is that it is sustainable business.  My growth chart is a steady upwards curve, it’s not rapid, it’s steady.

I fail. I succeed. I fail. I succeed.  I do this all in small amounts.  Small is easy to cope with. Big success and failure is harder.

The flipside is fast business - which often bring in lots of pressure.  Hiring employees. Office space. Investors. Loans. Stress. All attempts at getting to the goal faster.

I like slow business, not everyone does.