The more you have, the more you use.  The old saying is that less is more.

Take a business for example -  ’old’ businesses are often burdened with more.  It’s hard to get rid of waste. It’s hard to change or innovate. It’s hard for the people and the business to be nimble and quick. Is it really a wonder why startups can achieve what big corporations can’t?

But I’m not just referring to business.  It applies to any aspect of life.

For us, we are aiming to have less stuff. Less commuting.  Less work. Less furniture. Less things. Less clothes.  Less toys.

This gives us more. More freedom. More space. More peace of mind. More time with the kids.

Funnily it means we are busier than we have ever been, but in very different ways.

Less means…

  • More creativity.
  • You make do with what you have.
  • You make sure you do your research.
  • You help friends or colleagues, and vice versa.
  • You are ever so careful with what you spend.
  • You be as efficient as you can.
  • You think outside of the box.
  • You question everything you are doing.
  • You remove any kind of waste, hassle or unhappiness.
  • You appreciate what you have.
  • Flexibilty.
  • Control over your life and decisions.

Society is obsessed with more…

Everything in the media is obsessed with growth.  Big is good. Small is failure.  I disagree.

Big means:

  • other people make decisions for you.
  • you can’t think for yourself.
  • someone else thinks outside of the box for you.
  • you have no flexibility
  • you have no control
  • you do as people ask
  • you have no (or a very ineffective) voice
  • appreciation of what you have is often lost.

It’s really ok to have less.  These days it is an advantage.