I’ve been immersed in learning about learning!

Apparently, there are 3 types of learning: learning to be, learning to do and learning to know.

Which one does society focus on the most?

It’s the learning to know.  That’s what most *educational institutions* focus on.  They want to teach you stuff. Cram more in. Make people think they are smarter or dumber than they are.

What about learning to be who you want to be? To explore and discover your talents. To be that someone that makes you the happy person you deserve to be.

What about learning to do? This means developing the actual skills to help you do a great job. *Knowing* how to do a great job doesn’t mean you can do it. Doing means developing skills through practicing and practicing some more.

The trick is to find the magical fine balance between knowing, doing and being.

For me personally - the more I learn how to be who I want to be, the more I want to know and do.  Interesting, no?