I came across this post about a family looking for guides for their new to homeschooling children.

It’s an interesting angle, and certainly something that appeals to me.  Rather than having a tutor for a very specific subject, it makes sense to have someone (who is not the parent) to guide your kids along the way, help them do things that they want to do and discover their true interests.  Someone who can focus on your child and help them discover their way in life.  Awesomeness, I think!

Sometimes I feel like I need to take on the world and do everything myself, but sometimes I’d be better off getting some help in.  I think this is slowly becoming more apparent as my boys are starting to get older and more ‘teenage-like’.  I had been looking into getting some help for me generally around the house and with the kids, but the idea of having someone who is focused on each child is quite attractive.

Aaron has been very reluctant to take any kind of classes, but he’s quite happy to work one to one with someone.  So this might be a good solution.