I often think homeschooling is about removing what we don’t like and encouraging more of what we do.

We have more control over things.

  • If we try out a class and we don’t like it or the teacher then we don’t continue.  In school you’d have no choice.
  • If we don’t like hanging out with certain people, then we don’t waste our time doing so.
  • If we don’t like a specific subject then we don’t pretend we are learning about it.
  • If there is too much noise and disruption for our liking then we will go elsewhere.

We remove what we don’t like and replace it with what we do like.

  • We find likeminded people we enjoy being around.
  • Teachers who inspire us.
  • We seek tranquility when we are reading. And noise when we have energy to burn.
  • We embrace interests any time of the day.

It’s really quite simple. Can people really stop over complicating education?