Aaron and I reading at the park #unschoolingSome things we’ve been up to:

  • They’re back from Scotland and are tired out!
  • We’ve made some stamps - I’d like to do more of this. Including printing on tshirts.
  • Aaron continues to be Beano mad, it seems to be rubbing off on Ben as he has started to read more of the annuals and magazines that we have been getting (latest editions plus old ones from car boot sales).
  • Went to see Percy Jackson, both boys enjoyed the movie, but Aaron is definitely Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology mad.
  • Aaron has re-ignited an interest in Egypt, this time with a focus on hieroglyphs.  We’ve ordered some books for reservation from the library so that he can study them and create his own writing.
  • Ben had a friend over for an impromptu sleepover.
  • I’ve been working with Ben on creating an Eagle art project.  We saw it on deadly art a while back.  It involves lino printing the feathers/wings.  This is new to me, but it’s looking pretty cool so far!  I will blog the process of creating it.
  • It’s nice to go out with all my boys.  We did this today, no time pressure to get back.  We had food at the park.  Aaron and Ben can be great helpers with Codie.  I can relax a bit. Read a little bit (sometimes Aaron too).  Just letting them be.  It’s nice!
  • Codie is Codie 🙂

Motorcycle riding brothers

I should probably include myself in this, as I’m learning unschooling is about the whole family experience.  I’ve just finished Sandra Dodd’s Big Book of Unschooling.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve felt educated enough on what unschooling is, but reading the book perhaps has helped me relax alot with the boys.  Really it’s about being a good parent. Letting things be. Listening more. Saying yes more. Finding opportunities to introduce new things and guide them along the way. And perhaps most importantly I’m not reacting in stress or anger to situations - this helps everyone be more calm to each other.  It’s been good!

I’m also reading/learning more about playful learning.  It might be useful for me to share all the books I have been reading or bought.  It’s on my to-do list!  All my new learning about learning has kind of led me towards exploring more creative stuff…

…creating stamps is one step towards this. As is the eagle project Ben and I are working on.  I’ve stocked up a bit on materials and I’m trying to figure out ways to engage and create things of interest with the boys.  I’ve bought a few books to inspire me, but the internet is full of inspiration too…perhaps too much!

I feel some Egyptian writing and art coming soon for Aaron.  Ben just likes making stuff, so anything goes with him.  And Codie just joins in the fun!

Tomorrow I have a ‘business related meeting’ and I’m bringing the boys (they are aware of this).  I met another self employed working mum the other day with her boy and mine brood.  I’m increasingly becoming more confident in saying that sometimes if you want to talk to me then perhaps a busy local cafe or meeting space just won’t work - ‘lets meet in a play park’.