Hah…I knew I wouldn’t keep up, but perhaps I have a good excuse.

Some days with unschooling are great. Others are really hard work.  We had one of the hardwork ones a couple of weeks ago.  We’ve worked through it and have come out stronger than before.

Aaron has been really keen on DragonBox.  He whizzed through the first app and is now half way through the 2nd one.  He really enjoys the games and challenges angle.  I also love how he sets himself standards - he can whizz through the chapters without perfect ‘3 stars’, but he’s pretty insistent on only progressing if he has a perfect score.  We often sit next to each other when he is doing it so he can call upon me when he gets stuck, which is often, but when we do we tackle the problems together.

Home ed science meet up

We had a science club meetup the other week too.  Another homeschooling parent had kindly offered to host it at their house and had prepared 4 experiments for us all to try out. It was the first group thing Ben had been to, he was shy at first, but fitted in well.

The day after the science club was a small computer club meetup.  I’d like to plan a bit more structure into these, it’s very much been free play at the moment, which is fine, but perhaps spending some time on a specific activity would useful.

I’ve been spending some money stocking up on arts and crafts supplies.  I know Ben is really keen on being hands on with making things, so we’re going to do more of that!  I’ve been busy finding things that we can do and have to say I’m quite excited about making things too!  I’ll be sure to photograph our artwork 🙂

Aaron and Ben are now away with their Dad on a road trip in Scotland.  I’m enjoying the relative peace with just Codie 🙂