Books Aaron has read in ADR 10 days Tennis with Aaron #unschool

Hmm, so recalling what’s happened all week is hard, I seem to have already have forgotten most of it!

  • Played Tennis
  • We had sports club on Wednesday - the last one until the holidays.
  • He did some maths on DreamBox, not nearly as much as the previous weeks - 2 hours
  • Lots of reading again - mostly reading a thick book on greek mythology stories.  He seems like a real expert now, I’m so lost with what he knows about greek mythology, I can’t keep up!
  • We got his weekly Beano magazine and I finally got around to subscribing to it!
  • A trip to the cinema with a friend - this really lifted his spirts
  • We discovered DragonBox - an iPad app that teaches Algebra - he’s worked his way through half of it
  • A visit to a friends house, he borrowed a remote control helicopter and then spent some of his hard earned and saved money on buying one for himself (it’s yet to arrive)
  • A trip to a park to meet up with other local home edders.  I took all my boys to this, which was really nice, there was no rush to get back for the school run.

Home education is really growing on me, I’m loving it and look forward to doing it for all our boys, bring it on!