My attempt at trying to log what we are doing.   I’m pretty sure I won’t keep this up!

  • Maths with DreamBox
  • Sports club on Wednesday, plus football and basketball with me.
  • Home Education kids meetup today at a park.
  • A trip to the library followed by lots of reading
  • Aaron has started digitally designing our house with using Lego Digital Designer.  He also managed to get to the Lego shop for a monthly ‘play and build’ session, plus buy some white pieces to start building the Lego Sherry house.
  • Heros of Olympus: The Lost Hero (551 pages and related to Percy Jackson)
  • Percy Jackson has led him to be interested in Greek Mythology - he has a book to read on their stories, plus we found Odysseus which he has been trialling out the free version.
  • Importantly, he got his weekly Beano magazine! 🙂