I reached a milestone in my #runrosierun efforts. I ran for 30 minutes without stopping.  I've also been running for a month now.

I’ve spent the past few months making adjustments to my life.

I love all the work I’m doing with STC and feel quite fulfilled with what I continue to create.

Alongside what I’m doing I feel the need to learn more.  My current thing is learning about learning & education.  This is partly because I recently started unschooling my eldest son.  However, I’ve always had a nagging thing within me for years that has drawn me towards learning about education.  My current situation just amplifies it.  It conveniently ties into my work with STC and Ministry of Testing as I am trying to encourage and find ways to advance the software testing world through community end educational efforts.

As part of the process I want to write about stuff.  I’ve got off to a lame start with a unschooling blog - this is really a more personal space to write and log things that we do through our unschooling journey.  I’ve done more over at Messy Times - a place that I write about the messy times we live in!  It’s mostly a mash of things that I have experience with relating to business, parenting, life and education.  Mixed in with some drawings that I’ve done, just because I can. 🙂

I also just got access to Medium, which is interesting.  It led me to write something on how I’m trying to avoid a stressed out lives for my kids.

The more I live a somewhat more different life to many, the more I feel the need to share. I feel like I’m making that ever elusive progress to finding that work life balance. I’m enjoying my life and work. Learning to relax more and let go with my kids.  And quite importantly finding time to be active, through running and playing sports with my kids.

It’s a constant balance with making essential finances work whilst keeping my family ecosystem working.  It’s not always easy and it does take time, but if I can do it, then I hope it will encourage others to do the same.