Aaron draws TinTinI love this Beginners Guide To Unschooling.  I identify with it so much. So, so much.

I can’t help but look at myself when I think of school.  The way I’ve muddled my way through life and work.  It’s had nothing to do with formal education.  It’s been me trying stuff out. Learning as I go. Following my instincts, being entrepreneurial and making do with what I have.  Just like in the Beginners Guide To Unschooling.

My success (or lack of it!) has nothing to do with god damn school or the education system.  I stopped all of that when I was 13.

I don’t want a job. I want my work to interweave within my life. I love my work and I want it to pay my way within my own terms. Not someone else’s where I need to exchange at least 40 hours of my time for a wage. I’d still then have to deal with the stress of commuting. And childcare. And the depressed state I get into of not seeing my kids, keeping on top of the house work and finding time to keep fit and healthy.

No thanks.

It’s impossible (for me) with 3 young kids.

I feel lucky that I don’t have a ‘proper job’. Lucky that I am finding my way in this ‘new world’.  Making a living from working on my own terms.  It’s not perfect.  Far from it.  It’s constantly changing. I’m having to adapt all the time. Change my thoughts and focuses. Ditch some ideas that don’t work, start new ones or make existing ones work better.  It’s painful sometimes, but rewarding too.

I can tell you it’s certainly much better than a job.

And then there are my kids.

I love hanging out with Aaron.  He’s fun to be with. We laugh. Mess about. Talk. So much more than we use to. We discuss the plans for each day. I explain needs that I have. He talks about things he’d like to do.

I love the fact that I work for a couple of hours in the morning whilst Aaron gets on and does stuff.

He reads lots. So many books!

He draws when he feels like drawing.  He drew Tin Tin because he’s been reading lots of TinTin books. He drew an awesome dragon because he’s really into dragons.

He jumps into Khan Academy to learn maths.  I’ve been helping him a bit with long division. My husband teaches him to code sometimes.

He’s learning about the highway code. The signs. The rules.  We spot signs on the road. He goes on drives with me or my husband and we teach him.  Now we are going to get him a highway code book BECAUSE he is interested.

After I’ve done my focused couple of hours work we then do something together. Whatever. Do some cooking. Make an experiment. A club activity. A trip down the park to do some kind of sports activity together.

It feels right that he is learning this way. And it only feels right that Ben should join us on the journey.  Somehow and soon.

Ben seems to enjoy school, the social aspect of it, at least.  But he also seems so tired lately.  He doesn’t want to do much (just watch TV) when he gets home from school

I can see my husband freaking out!