For the past couple weeks I’ve been trying what I call the ‘3 things’ approach.  Obviously it’s something that I’ve made up. There is no research or proof that this method will work for everyone, so please only try it at home if you are willing to take responsibility for your own actions. 🙂

Everyday I ask Aaron what 3 things he would like to do that day. We talk about how feasible it is for us to make it happen and work out a plan.  Somedays it’s easier to get out. Some times I need to look after wee Codie. Other times I need to get work done. So we talk and agree on how we can get stuff done.  Some things we do together.  Other things he can do on his own whilst I work.

I find 3 is the right number of things to do.  Any more and we feel rushed. Sometimes we don’t always go according to the plan, and that’s ok.  I love to see him engaged in stuff.

One of the things that sticks in my mind about school was him saying that he was always being interrupted and found it hard to concentrate.  If it wasn’t the kids interrupting him, it was the ‘bell’ for the end of class.  Classes that don’t last very long and don’t really allow the kids to become truly ‘engaged’ (imho).

The kind of things we’ve done this week:

  • maths (long division with me, a work book and khan academy)
  • creating a website
  • cooking (fairy cakes)
  • drawing (dragons)
  • writing (about dragons…he’s really into dragons at the moment!)
  • also learning to write in dragonese…whatever that is!
  • volcano experiment
  • reading, plenty of it
  • sports club
  • scooter down the skate park (I went for a run while he scooted).
  • tennis
  • reserved a ton of books to pick up at the library. TinTin and dragon books!